About gallo'ry on market

The Gallo'ry Mission

The Gallo’ry on Market is committed to supporting the local community of Camp Hill, PA by showcasing the work of local artists, providing a welcoming space for art enthusiasts to gather, and offering a range of services to support emerging artists in their careers. We strive to foster a vibrant arts scene in Camp Hill and to promote the value of the arts in our community.

Heather Ebersole, Owner and Curator of Gallo'ry on Market in Camp Hill, PA

About Heather Ebersole

Heather grew up in a home where art was all around her with her father Paul Gallo being a well-known artist and part of the Seven Lively Artists. Heather remembers many trips to museums and many talks at the dinner table around art. She is happy to transform the immersion in art from a young age into a place where she can help promote local artists and contribute to the Downtown Camp Hill District.

As soon as Heather looked at moving her Allstate agency to 2010 Market st, she immediately envisioned the space downstairs as a place to connect, educate, and promote local artists. The culmination of years of being surrounded by fine art has led to the Gallo'ry on Market joining the Camp Hill, PA community.