Linda Benton-McCloskey

Specialty: Abstract Expressionists

About the Artist

A new work begins without a preconceived outcome in mind – only the colors are decided upon.  A painting simply begins and then intuition, love, desire and experience take over.  When in this state of mind, I give way to the process. Eventually shapes and movements are developed further…regardless of the result, the painting takes me to a new and unexpected destination.

My art is influenced by the impulsive approach of the abstract expressionists such as de Kooning, Motherwell, Kline, Mitchell and Hofmann.  Discovering creative ways of expression and keeping traditional rules of painting out of the picture are priorities.  Since I enjoy varying my palette of colors and approaches, recent non-objective works are mostly water media, mixed media, oil/cold wax, encaustic (hot wax) and pastel – with lots of texture and exciting color.  My impressionistic landscapes and seascapes are imagined as well, with no photo as a reference.  Diversity, with all its fascinating choices, intrigues me and is evident in my work.  I love painting!


After changing careers and researching my family’s history, I discovered that Thomas Hart Benton (an American Regionalist Painter 1889-1975) was my great-uncle. I am an instructor of experimental water media, mixed media, cold wax and oil, and encaustic in both the abstract and impressionist style.  I also can be found on YouTube and Patreon (web address below) where I teach as well.  I am a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society and Baltimore Watercolor Society, plus have earned my Nautilus status with the International Society of Experimental Artists.

Having exhibited in numerous national and international juried shows, universities, cultural centers, galleries and museums, most of my works are in private collections and universities.  I am published in many art publications and have won numerous awards, with  international, national and local fine art groups.

Linda Benton-McCloskey's Work